OTC is committed to providing each of its students a drug-free environment in which to attend classes and study. Illicit drug use and the abuse of alcohol are dangerous and may result in permanent damage, dependence, ill health and even death. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs by OTC students on OTC property is prohibited. Students who attend classes, clinicals, laboratories or any college function under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs may be withdrawn from class(es) and/or placed on probation/suspension from OTC. Under no circumstances will intoxicated students be permitted to participate in OTC courses or activities.

Along with facing possible probation or suspension from OTC, students may face legal sanctions under local, state and federal law which may include up to seven years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine for a Class A felony.

Also, in 1987, “Abuse and Lose” became law in Missouri. If found guilty of an alcohol or drug related driving violation, a person will lose his/her driver’s license for a fixed period of time, must attend a drug-related education program (ADEP) before a license can be reinstated and may lose his/her driver’s license for one year for refusal to submit to a police officer’s request for a chemical test.

All of the provisions and penalties under the “Abuse and Lose” law are in addition to the primary criminal penalties which may include assessment of points against a person’s driver’s license, required completion of an Alcohol Related Traffic Offenders Program (ARTOP), fines, restitution and jail sentence. Students who would like to visit with a personal counselor or need assistance with referral should contact the Counseling and Career Development Office located in the Information Commons or call 417-447-6974.

In August 2003, OTC became a tobacco-free campus.