OTC Dental Clinic.

Are you looking for affordable and quality preventive dental care? If so, the OTC Dental Clinic provides a range of preventive dental services to include dental assessments, personalized treatment plans, x-rays, preventive or therapeutic periodontal treatment, oral hygiene instructions, fluoride treatments and sealant placement. All services are provided by OTC dental programs’ students while guided and supervised by licensed professionals.If you need any other dental procedures that are beyond the scope of our services, a treatment referral form can be provided.

The OTC Dental Clinic has been serving the community since the inception of the program. Our students are eager to apply their skills and knowledge to help you achieve optimal oral health. By choosing us, you are not only getting excellent dental care, but also supporting the education of future dental professionals.

Schedule your next appointment at the OTC Dental Clinic. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the smile you deserve at a fraction of the cost.