OTC Finance Department.

The Finance Department is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and general accounting for the college. We also manage tuition costs, fees, payments, refunds and appeals for OTC students. The Department releases financial data pertinent to college students, faculty and staff including the annual Fiscal Budget Summary, which outlines OTC’s revenue sources and expenditures.

We offer tuition information based on a student’s status as an in-district, out-of-district or in-state resident. We also help students calculate credit hours taken, general fees and program/course specific fees. The Finance Department provides My Payment Plan to students, which helps them create a simple tuition payment schedule to relieve some of the pressures associated with budgeting for college.

Employees can access information regarding expense records and a host of other financial policies relevant to conducting business on behalf of the college. They can also utilize our comprehensive list of financial service contacts, organized by specialty.

Financial challenges shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Whatever your needs are, we have an expert who can help.