OTC Information Technology

Higher education in the digital age requires trust in the devices we use to teach, study and maintain the college. Inter-connectivity is no longer optional for campus spaces and much learning happens outside of brick and mortar classrooms.

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for maintaining the college’s electronic devices and the networks that keep them connected, both on and off-campus. We set up and regularly upgrade tools around campus including computers, classroom projectors, monitors and much more.

We also provide IT support for students, faculty and staff through our Help Desk and IT Service Center. IT has information and training to help students and staff make better use of resources such as MyOTC, campus computer labs and Office 365. Our staff maintain support kiosks around campus to ensure you always have a convenient way to request help.

Employees can request specific tools by placing an equipment order. We also assist faculty with teaching-specific applications such as Canvas, Gradebook and Camtasia.