OTC Tobacco-Free Policy

OTC provides its students, employees and visitors with a safe and healthy environment because it is a tobacco-free institution. The college does not allow any consumption of tobaccos or tobacco products in its facilities or on its property. This includes all buildings, grounds, sidewalks and streets within the campus proper. The institution displays notices of the tobacco-free policy at all college locations.

National Center for Tobacco Policy

OTC became one of the first higher education institutions in the US to make its campuses tobacco-free in 2003. OTC established the Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Campus Policy in 2004 to share best practices with other organizations. In 2010, the Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Campus Policy was moved from under OTC and reorganized as the National Center for Tobacco Policy, a nonprofit organization that helps organizations develop, implement and sustain tobacco-free or smoke-free open space policies.