Administrative Services

Administrative Services is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the college. Campus life can be hectic with many people from all walks of life coming together to study, work and enjoy time together on our grounds. Clean spaces and efficient services are key to ensuring each visitor has an exceptional experience at OTC.

Administrative Services is home to several important teams including Design and Construction, Procurement, Facilities and Grounds, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Safety and Security. Our team manages the most frequented locations on campus including the OTC Bookstore, Café 101, the Health and Wellness Clinic, the Fitness Center and the Print Shop. These institutions are critical to student and employee success, and some are iconic symbols and social spaces within the campus community.

We are committed to keeping every area of campus clean, accessible and safe. Along with maintaining the quality of campus facilities, we are constantly working with other departments to further enhance safety for our students through new programs and awareness systems.


The Office of Administrative Services house a number of departments and services including those listed below.