In the event of a bomb threat on the OTC campus, the call taker shall obtain as much information as possible about the threat using the attached “Bomb Threat Procedures for OTC” dated 9-12-2002. The call taker shall notify Safety and Security at 6911. Safety and Security will notify the fire marshal by calling 911 (911 is used in Springfield and Greene County for emergency and non-emergency request for police, fire or EMS response).

It is the policy of OTC not to evacuate buildings when a bomb threat is received, unless credible evidence exists that a bomb is on campus. A search of the targeted building, or of the entire campus if a target building is not given, will be conducted by Safety and Security officers, maintenance, custodial and grounds personnel along with the fire marshal. If evacuation of a building is necessary, safety and security officers will notify the people in charge of the building to be evacuated. Instructors, staff and students shall be directed to designated assembly areas. They should take all their personal belongings with them. This will make it easier for searchers to locate suspicious items in the building. Instructors and staff should try and take notice of anything suspicious in their classroom or work area and advise Safety and Security of any suspicious items.

Designated assembly areas will not be assigned prior to the need, because areas may change due to unforeseen circumstances and people may evacuate to the wrong area. Announcing designated assembly areas in advance of the need may also allow a perpetrator the ability to set up an ambush in that area. At that time of evacuation, Safety and Security personnel will advise the affected areas of campus of the designated assembly areas. Designated assembly areas will be determined at the time of evacuation by safety/security and the fire marshal on scene. The designated assembly areas will be checked for explosive devices by safety/security or maintenance personnel prior to occupation.

Instructors, students and staff with a mobility impairment should be familiar with the “Procedures for Evacuating People with a Mobility Impairment.”

For information about this policy, contact the director of Safety and Security at 447-6985.