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Refer to the following sections for general security information.

Crisis plans are posted in each facility. The plan includes procedures to be followed in case of earthquake, fire or explosions, serious illness or injury, suicide, telephone threats and tornadoes. The plan also includes the location of first aid kits and spill kits.

For further information about the crisis plan, contact the Director of Safety and Security at 417-447-6985.

Lost articles should be reported to campus Safety and Security at 417-447-6911 as soon as possible.

Found articles will be kept in the Safety and Security office in the Information Commons building, room 208 until the end of the current semester.

Students who are guilty of theft of college property, personal property of students or staff or any other item(s) on or associated with college-owned, rented or leased facilities are subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal proceedings.

Students are required to use computers in compliance with proper course assignments/activities. Any fraudulent use of college owned or operated computers will result in appropriate disciplinary action and in flagrant cases could result in dismissal.

All non-student visitors to the college facilities must abide by the following regulations: non-student visitors may not be in shops, laboratories or other hazardous areas (as defined by the college or individual college personnel) at any time unless they are escorted by a member of the college staff for brief business visits.

All non-students must have instructor approval prior to visiting classrooms.

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