Immediate Actions:

  • On hearing the fire alarm, all campus occupants (staff, students, visitors) must evacuate the building immediately following the designated evacuation routes.
  • Do not use elevators. Use stairways for evacuation.
  • Assist those with disabilities in exiting the building if it is safe.

Evacuation Routes and Exits:

  • Familiarize yourself with all exit routes from your area.
  • Exit signs will guide you to safety. Ensure exits are clear and unobstructed.
  • Instructors and staff should lead their groups to the nearest safe exit.

During the Evacuation:

  • Remain calm and proceed quickly and orderly to the nearest exit.
  • Close doors behind you to contain the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Once outside, move to the designated assembly area away from the building. Do not block access for emergency responders.

Accounting for All Persons:

  • Instructors and supervisors should perform a headcount at the assembly area to ensure all students and staff are accounted for.
  • Report any missing persons to emergency responders immediately.


  • Do not re-enter the building until the fire department or campus safety officials have given the “ALL CLEAR” signal.
  • Follow all instructions given by emergency personnel.

Additional Safety Measures:

  • Participate in fire drills and familiarize yourself with the sound of the fire alarm.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and first-aid kits in your area.
  • Review and understand the fire evacuation plan for your building.

For Further Assistance:

  • Contact the Safety and Security Department for any questions or training on fire safety procedures. Phone: 417-447-6911.
  • In case of fire damage or injury reports, contact the College Director of Communications at 417-447-2655.


  • Safety first. Evacuate immediately upon hearing the fire alarm.
  • Instructors and students with mobility impairments should review “Procedures for Evacuating Students with Mobility Impairment.” 
  • Do not attempt to retrieve personal belongings before evacuating.
  • Stay clear of the building until authorities declare the emergency over.

Updated: 2/28/2024