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1. What are my student account resources?

Student Account Services offers several resources to assist students. My Payment Plan is available for students who wish to make scheduled payments toward their student account balance. Students can also make immediate, onetime payments online 24/7. Account activity and monthly statements are also available online. Students can access these online resources by logging into MyOTC and selecting Student Accounts. Students can email anytime they have questions for Student Account Services.

2. How much are my semester charges?

You may see your current balance and monthly statements at any time via the Nelnet portal which is accessible via MyOTC, Student Accounts. Information on the cost of tuition and fees at OTC can be found here.

3. What if I am not paying for my courses?

By registering for classes, the student accepts responsibility for their balance owed to the college. Students are required to choose a payment option, either paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan, by their appropriate, published payment deadline. While the student is ultimately responsible, the college will accept payment on the student’s behalf from any 3rd party payer.

4. I am expecting to receive financial aid. Will I need to enroll in a payment plan?

All students must choose a payment option, either by paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan by their appropriate, published payment deadline, even if they are expecting to receive financial aid for the semester. More information on payment plans can be found here.

5. What is my deadline to choose a payment option?

The date by which a student will need to choose a payment option, either paying in full or enrolling in a payment plan, depends on when they first register for courses. Information on payment deadlines can be found here.

6. Will I receive a refund for the course(s) I’m considering dropping?

Dropping a course before the start of the semester will qualify a student for a 100% refund of the tuition and fees for that course. After the semester begins, students can refer to the tuition refund policy here for the tuition and fees refund schedule.

7. When will I receive my financial aid refund?

If financial aid has paid toward your student account balance, you will be able to see the type of aid and amount received by viewing your account activity. Account activity is found online via MyOTC, select Student Accounts. For additional information on the financial aid refund schedule, please visit here. Please note that not all students will receive their financial aid refund at the same time.

8. How will I receive a refund?

If the college needs to disburse a refund to you, it will be sent to your OTC SmartCard refund preference, which can be set up at once you have received your OTC SmartCard. You may choose to have refunds automatically transferred to your personal bank account, or you may choose to open a new BankMobile Vibe account.

9. How will I get information from Student Account Services?

OTC student email is the primary means of communication at the college. If Student Account Services needs to contact you, we will do so securely via OTC student email. Because of this, it is important for you to check your OTC email frequently. Any questions for us can be sent to from your OTC student email.

10. What is a 1098-T form and how do I access it?

OTC students may be eligible to claim an education tax credit for the calendar year. IRS Form 1098-T shows information reported to the IRS regarding your education expense during the calendar year while enrolled at OTC. The 1098-T form is made available by January 31st every year to eligible students through the Tax Information link in MyOTC. For more information, please visit here.

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