TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus Details – Beginning September 18, OTC is switching from paper time sheets to the computerized attendance system, TimeClock Plus. This changeover will in no way affect how much you get paid annually or your benefits. 

What is TimeClock Plus?

TimeClock Plus is a computerized attendance system. Employees will clock in and clock out on OTC computers, which will allow hours to be reviewed and sent to payroll automatically. Sick and vacation leave requests will also be sent through the system, minimizing the amount of time spent hunting down supervisor signatures and processing the request. The main differences between the current system and new system are that time periods for full-time non-exempt employees will now be calculated from mid-month to mid-month, and you will be paid for the weeks worked that month rather than 1/12 of your annual income. Therefore, the size of your paychecks will be different depending on whether a given month has four or five weeks.

Who does the TimeClock Plus change affect?

The change in pay-periods will only affect full-time, non-exempt employees. If you work 40 hours a week and record those hours on a timesheet, you fall into this category.

However, sick and vacation leave reporting will affect both full-time, non-exempt employees and exempt employees. Therefore, all full-time employees will use this system to submit sick and vacation leave requests.

Why switch to TimeClock Plus?

TimeClock Plus will benefit you in the following ways:

  • A computerized system will do the recording automatically, so there is less for you to keep track of.
  • Eliminating time sheets helps OTC become a more sustainable, more environmentally friendly workplace.
  • You’ll be paid for the total hours worked for month, so you’ll never be shorted overtime on the month you work it. Under the current system, an hourly employee who works overtime does not see that overtime pay until the next month’s paycheck.

How will TimeClock Plus change the size of my paychecks?

Currently, all full-time employees are paid for 173.33 hours each month. Under TimeClock Plus, since some months have five weeks and others just four weeks, all of the 12 paychecks will not be the same. Most months you will be paid for 160 hours, but in some months you’ll be paid for 200 hours.

As you can see from the calculation below, your annual pay is not changing.

Current system:

173.33 hours x 12 months = 2,080 hours

Time Clock Plus system:

160 hours x 8 months = 1280 hours


200 hours x 4 months = 800 hours

Total hours = 2,080 hours

The total hours you’ll be paid for each year match up exactly, but you’ll have to plan for the four months when your checks will be larger than the other eight months.

How does the overlap in old and new time periods affect my paychecks?

In order to minimize the impact this changeover will have on full-time, non-exempt employees, you will receive your normal paycheck on September 30 for the September 1-30 pay period under the old system and your first paycheck under the new system on October 31 for the September  18 – October 15 time period. As you can see, you’ll be getting paid twice for 10 days— September 19-23 and September 26-30. OTC will “advance” that overlapping pay and then will recover it gradually over the next 10 months by subtracting eight hours of pay from each paycheck in order to allow employees to transition to the new system with ease.

How will TimeClock Plus change when I receive my paychecks?

Non-exempt payroll periods will change to a mid-month to mid-month term with paychecks distributed at the end of the month. Below is a schedule of pay periods and check distribution dates for the coming fiscal year. This will help you plan for the four months when your checks will be larger than the other eight months.

6/19/2016 7/16/2016 7/29/2016 4
7/17/2016 8/20/2016 8/31/2016 5
8/21/2016 9/17/2016 9/30/2016 4
9/18/2016 10/15/2016 10/31/2016 4
10/16/2016 11/12/2016 11/30/2016 4
11/13/2016 12/10/2016 12/21/2016 4
12/11/2016 1/14/2017 1/31/2017 5
1/15/2017 2/11/2017 2/28/2017 4
2/12/2017 3/18/2017 3/31/2017 5
3/19/2017 4/15/2017 4/28/2017 4
4/16/2017 5/13/2017 5/31/2017 4
5/14/2017 6/17/2017 6/30/2017 5
6/18/2017 7/15/2017 7/31/2017 4

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, we understand! While TimeClock Plus will eventually make time reporting more simple and efficient, the adjustments of the changeover are complex. We encourage you to come to a training session, so we can answer all your questions and make the transition as smooth as possible.

For additional questions about payroll email us at payroll@otc.edu 

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Full-time Non-exempt & Full-time Exempt Employees:

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