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My Payment Options

By registering for classes, each student accepts responsibility for payment of all tuition and fees due to the college.

 Tuition Payment Options

You may pay your tuition by choosing one of the following options:

1)  Use QuikPay to make an immediate payment with a credit card or echeck (a secure, password protected payment gateway).
A student can also authorize others to make payments on their behalf by using the “Authorized Payors” option.

To use this option, log in to MyOTC, select the “Student Accounts” tab, then click “QuikPay.”

2) MyPay – Monthly  Pre-authorize monthly payments to be deducted from your bank account or charged to your designated credit card.

3) MyPay – Pending Financial Aid – You are personally responsible for any balance due the college that your financial aid/military benefit does not cover. This balance must be paid in full on or before March 31st for the spring. After that date, the $35 plan fee will be added to your pre-scheduled payment attempted on April 5th for spring.

MyPay-PENDING FINANCIAL AID is available for you! If:

  • You plan to use financial aid to pay for college and have submitted your FAFSA and
    other required documents to the Financial Aid Office.
  • You are a graduating high school senior entering college as a first-time freshman.
  • You plan to use your military benefits to pay for college and have submitted all required documents to the OTC Veterans Services Office.

Log in to MyOTC, select the “Student Accounts” tab, then “My Payment Plan.”

Before you click the submit button to accept your agreement, please carefully read through the final review and the terms and conditions. Please retain your confirmation number for your records.

Additional information regarding the various payment plan options is available at My Payment Plan.

Please direct any questions concerning payment to Student Account Services at

Payment Deadlines

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